Welcome To Fitchsounds

Digital audio content is my passion. Since 2003 I've been creating all sorts of audio content for the independent game developers of the Irish game development scene and for lots of film producers around the world.

If you need anything ... soundtracks, environment sounds, sound effects, voice-overs ... please contact me because I will be glad to help.

I am also busy researching for a PhD in Sonic Art at Queen's University Belfast.

My Technical Know-How

  • » Audio production: Logic, Reaper and ProTools
  • » Audio implementation: Unity3D, UE4 and Stencyl
  • » Audio middleware: FMOD Studio and Wwise
  • » Audio programming: Pure Data and Max/MSP
  • » Game Audio Lecturing: HETAC and FETAC level 6

What Can I Do For You?

  • » Digital Soundtracks
  • » Sound Effects
  • » Dialogue Recording
  • » Audio Implementation
  • » Transcription
  • » Ghost Writing
  • » Game Audio Lectures
  • » Bespoke String Recordings
  • » String Arranging
  • » Solo Cello

Latest Work