Look(FFEBCD) is a piece created from audio recorded by a willing group of volunteers who answered the call for participation on Facebook. Using electroacoustic editing techniques I produced short audio clips and added them to a 3D space within a game engine.

Press the WASD keys or the Arrow keys to trigger the audio clips.

Inspired by Christopher Small's Musicking, this work will hopefully encourage anyone to take part in the creation of sound space.

The Space key will always close the current scene and open another from a random list.

Sincere thanks to everyone that took time to record audio for this project: Barry Lowe, Brian Conniffe, Lynda Cosgrove, Marie McStay, Robyn Bromfield, Brian Brennan, Barbara Lueneburg and Eileen Leahy.

Look(FFEBCD) was shortlisted for a prize at HearSay Audio Festival in 2014 and presented at GameOn in Drogheda 2014.

SoundCloud for HearSay Audio Festival

Shortlist at HearSay Audio Festival

Game On: Drogheda

Look, I'm sorry, I know it's beige. It'll warm if you have time to gaze. Think of it more as a blanchedalmond, Changing in hue with the light. Try it now, up in hyperspace, There's always the power given in backspace. Trust the strength in itís own understatement, It'll sit with the line of sight. This selection is straight from the database. Fitting the dial and perfect in shortwave. Alternative to the delicate hue Is the thought that it will bring calm. Giving out some gentle bright, A glow that is good for the payment.

Look (FFEBCD) is best viewed using the web browser Firefox.